Action on Climate Change: Washington State leading by example.

Per this post from the Washington Environmental Council on 10 Dec 2018:

“So, what does climate action look like? Governor Inslee identified a package of five key policies, and accompanying budget priorities:

  • 100% Clean Energy – transitioning our electricity generation system to clean and renewable energy, along with increased investments in energy efficiency and ensuring electricity is affordable for all.
  • Clean and Efficient Buildings – cutting greenhouse gas emissions from our buildings (both current and new) and putting Washington on the path to net zero energy use by 2050.
  • Clean Fuel Standard – breaking Big Oil’s monopoly on our fuel supply by reducing the carbon intensity of fuels and supporting expanded transportation electrification.
  • HFC Super-Pollutants – ensuring that Washington complies with the commonsense restrictions on these potent chemicals that the Trump Administration is attempting to roll back.
  • Clean Transportation – advancing a package of policies and budget items that reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our transportation network, including incentivizing and putting in place infrastructure for electrification and requiring cleaner-running vehicles on our roadways.
  • Budget – increasing state investments to accelerate and expand clean energy options for consumers and improve the health and efficiency of our homes, schools and workplaces, which account for nearly 30% of carbon pollution in the state.

“We know there will be a lot of bills in play this upcoming session. The Governor has established the goal posts for what real progress looks like on climate – make sure your legislator knows you want action too.”

— source: Rebecca Ponzio, Climate and Fossil Fuel Program Director, Washington Environmental Council, 10 Dec 2018 <> email.

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