Climate Crisis – 30 Dec 2019 NBC “Meet the Press”

Christopher Dunagan’s 1 Jan 2019 “Watching Our Waterways” blog alerted us to a direction taken recently by NBC’s “Meet the Press” with Chris Todd during its 30 Dec 2018 broadcast. To advance discussion on much-needed solutions to the climate crisis, the “Meet the Press” staff decided that broadcast time would not be allocated to the diversionary “debate” on climate change; rather, the show would devote its time to discussing the problems, cost, and politics related to climate change, and possible mitigations to the climate crisis. The blog and the show brought out the critical need for the press to report on climate change in accordance with the serious impact it’s having on Earth, and that it will have.

Dunagan, Christopher. “Watching Our Waterways.” 1 Jan 2019. Web. (accessed 2 Jan 2019).

NBC Meet the Press. “Climate Crisis.” 30 Dec. 2018. Web. You Tube. (accessed 2 Jan 2019)

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