Climate Change Hope

Yesterday, Governor Jay Inslee signed into law the 100% clean energy bill, which was crafted by the Washington State legislature. It is the strongest clean energy bill in the nation. That bold and wise action gives us hope.
     David Wallace-Wells, in his newly published book, The Uninhabitable Earth, paints a grim picture of our future . . . saying that “if we allow global warming to proceed, and to punish us with all the ferocity we have fed it, it will be because we have chosen that punishment—collectively walking down a path of suicide” (220).
     The hope exists in that the coming cataclysm—which was engineered by us (unlike an earthquake or a collision-course asteroid)—can still be ameliorated by us, but only if we take action soon (ideas paraphrased from pp. 30-31).
Yesterday, the people of Washington State took action. May our wise, caring, and bold stewardship action spread to other states and countries. May it benefit the future of our children, grandchildren, and the many other species with us on this gift of a life filled, blue-green earth.

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