Climate Display for Earth Ministry Congregations

“The Sacred Earth Matters Group at University Congregational UCC, an Earth Ministry Greening Congregation, have a beautiful climate change display that they are offering to share with other religious communities in the greater Puget Sound area.

This display has three sections that convey:

  • The natural and human worlds that need to be saved from adverse, human-caused climate change
  • The destructive things humanity is doing to the entire planet
  • What people can do on a collective and personal level to combat adverse, human-caused climate change

The hope for this traveling display is that it can appear at congregations across the region in order to educate those who are unaware and encourage those who are aware towards collective and personal action.

The display is modular and can be set up to be between 25-35 feet in length. UCUCC asks for a small fee to help cover the cost of the display, its transportation, and assembly. If your congregation is interested in hosting this motivating climate change display for a month, please email and we can put you in touch.”
     — source: Earth Ministry announcement, 30 May 2019

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