Some recently signed recycling legislation

      — source: Bob Smith, “Recycling bills signed by Gov. Inslee, North Kitsap Herald, 31 May 2019, p. 6. Print.
– Plastic packaging management (study of)
SB 5397 “initiates a study for the management of plastic packaging in Washington state through product stewardship, industry initiatives and other options.” Senator Christine Rolfes, D- Bainbridge Island is the bill’s prime sponsor. Rep. Strom Peterson, D-Edmonds, is the prime sponsor of the House companion bill, HB 1204.

– End markets for recyclables
HB 1543 “will promote end markets for recyclables in Washington and create plans to reduce contamination.”

– Create a manufacturer-run system form recycling latex paint and safely disposing of oil paint.
HB 1652, sponsored by Rep. Strom Peterson

– Require compostability standards
HB 1569, sponsored by Rep. Bill Ramos, D-Issaquah

– Reduce the state’s foodwaste
HB 1114, championed by Rep. Beth Doglio, D-Olympia

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