Vote for Jay Inslee. Vote for the future.

Jay Inslee is the right choice for president.
    Why? Résumé, Character, Vision.

(To see Inslee’s plans, go to

Jay’s résumé is strong.
     He’s engaged. He solves problems. Whereas many candidates talk of general approaches to climate change, he’s been working specific solutions as the governor of Washington State and as the chair of the Democratic Governors Association. Inslee has real and comprehensive plans for how America should proceed on climate change.
     As governor he’s been engaged and strong in many ways: leadership, climate change, health care, drug policy reform, education, jobs, the economy, budgets, tax management, the environment, immigration, and management of diverse groups. He’s experienced at multiple levels, he works with others well, and he leads well. It’s notable that Washington State was ranked the #1 state to live in by the 2019 U.S. News and World Report’s ranking of states.

Jay’s character and skills are strong,
     Jay is knowledgeable and smart, insightful, caring, polite (but not afraid to speak bluntly), coalition-capable (but not afraid to assert), positive in his outlook, truth recognizing and truth telling. Jay’s principles drive his actions.

Jay is a visionary. His vision for America is bold, positive, and necessary.
     Jay sees Americans rapidly transforming our energy sources and our infrastructure so that we’ll produce markedly less greenhouse gas. Transforming our economy will employ millions of people and it will create a livable future for us, our children, and our grandchildren.
     The climate crisis will increasingly affect all other issues: health, the economy, jobs, budgets, defense and security, where we live, how we live, who is migrating where (both internationally and from one region of America to another), what armed conflicts occur, what food is grown where, who gets how much water, survival of natural habitat, quality of the environment, survival of species, floods, fires, smoke in the air, effects on underground sewer and electrical systems, characteristics of locales (droughts, rain dumping), the money we spend on insurance, the money we spend to fight consequences of climate change, transportation choices (plane, train, electric cars or gas cars, road vs. pedestrian & bicyclist priority), the heat of the day, and so much more.
     We’re facing huge challenges, and we need strong and wise leadership now, just as we needed it during the American Revolution, the Great Depression, World War II, and the Cold War. In fact, strong and wise leadership is even more necessary now because our decisions and actions regarding climate change will impact humans and other species for hundreds or thousands of years. Jay Inslee has thought about the climate crisis a lot, and he has comprehensive plans about how we should proceed.

Jay Inslee is the right choice for president. He’s already successfully used his leadership, caring, and vision to benefit others on many ways. He’s proven.

As president he’ll lead our country forward as we deal with big challenges–and very importantly–he’ll steer our nation in the right direction as we combat the greatest threat ever to have confronted humanity: climate change.

Vote for Jay Inslee. Vote for the future.


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