Inslee and Steyer, the climate change experts, not invited to the CNN Climate-Crisis Town Hall

Jay Inslee and Tom Steyer, of all the presidential candidates, know the most about climate change and have the most comprehensive and detailed plans to address it–and yet neither one of them has yet been chosen to be at the CNN debate about the climate crisis (to be held 4 September). They should be on that stage in order to force tough and real discussion about what direction our nation will go regarding climate change. The selection process should not be the standard “who gets the most airtime and so is most known to people.” It should also include those who will make a serious contribution to a debate about a very serious issue: the climate crisis.
Inslee and Steyer should be on the CNN, MSNBC, and DNC (should the DNC decide to have a climate crisis debate or forum) climate-crisis debate stages.

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