14 November Kitsap Audubon: Climate Change, Birds, Trina Bayard, and Sen. Christine Rolfes

– When: 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. (as part of the monthly meeting of the Kitsap Audubon Society)
– Where: Poulsbo library, lower level, 700 NE Lincoln Rd., Poulsbo, WA
– What:
“Kitsap Audubon will have an exceptionally important program on Thursday, November 14th  (7:00 p.m. at the Poulsbo Library). Dr. Trina Bayard, technical director of Audubon Washington, will be talking about National Audubon’s recently released climate report, which shows conclusively that two-thirds of our North American bird species are on the brink of extinction. We’ll also have as our special guest Sen. Christine Rolfes, who has been recognized repeatedly by state conservation organizations as an unwavering environmental champion.

“The most important ‘take with’ message is that it’s up to all of us to help instill a sense of urgency on the part of our elected officials about the need for strong and speedy action to halt the dramatic worldwide decline in birds. There are at least 55 million bird watchers in the U.S. and Canada. Statistics show that we represent a cross-section of society and political persuasions.  It’s time for the ‘choir’ to sing loud and forcefully about the need to act now to protect birds and the environment.”

—source: 11 Nov 2019 email from Gene Bullock, President of Kitsap Audubon Society (used with permission).

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