Unifying Principles

Unifying Principles are the principles most important to you. Take time carefully determining them because you’ll find—after years of regularly reviewing them and taking action on them— that it’s per your principles (which drive your course, planning, actions, and accomplishments) you’ve lived your life.

The following are my unifying principles. It’s from them that I draft projects, programs, and to-do lists. It took me two years of Sundays thinking, writing, and rewriting to determine what’s important to me.

They’re unique to me. You’ll have principles unique to you, and how you execute them will vary with phase of life you’re in, the situation and geography you’re in, and the people around you.

My principles don’t change much anymore (I review them only twice a year now). However, my projects, programs, and to-do lists (which are molded by my unifying principles . . . as well as by the urgencies of the day) are dynamic entities with goals and tasks that are in process and ever changing. I review these lists quarterly, weekly, or daily.

UNIFYING PRINCIPLES: GEFFPGPM                                  updated 1 Jan 2020

* My purpose: to glorify God, walk in his spirit, and passionately advocate for God’s nature. Do not squander his gift of time on earth—fill your days with life, meaning, kindness, giving, and worship.

GOD’S GRACE: Walk with God in his spirit and bear good fruit. Be directed by his wisdom and strength. Be grateful for his blessings . . . and pray every day.

– Explore and engage God, people, ideas, nature, and places (local and distant).
– Get out into nature (where you feel most in touch with the Creator); there you have the time, solitude, peace, and perspective to contemplate his works and spirit and your life.
– Be a positive influence in the world. Give back.

– Explore with JEM. Love her, listen to her, and treat her sweet.
– Family and close friends—of paramount importance. Engage and benefit them. Make time.
– Be a good husband, father, and friend. Create optimum situations for you and yours.

Be a full-time, bold God’s Nature Advocate-Organizer, Freelance Speaker-Writer (Northwest specialization).
– Write & speak well (clear thinking and communication) about habitat, biodiversity, environmental ethics, and stewardship. Preach the miracles of God’s nature and engage others in earth stewardship.
– Preserve & restore habitat for God’s many species and for your children and grandchildren.
– Each morning ask what’s your next action for GNAO-FSW. In the evening, answer what you did.

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and he delights in his way.” Psalm 37:23

Aim higher (Regina Brett, Be the Miracle); live life with passion (Bon Jovi); be brilliant in the basics and master your job (Jim Mattis); shine light and bear fruit (Jesus).

PHYSICAL WELL-BEING. Work out, eat healthy, get sleep, be health educated, have a health maintenance schedule, and be smart in your choices.

GROWTH. Artistic, intellectual, and social growth: explore the will of God and the mind of man (much of your “focus and dedicate” represents “growth” in action). Do dance, guitar, and photography for fun, interaction with friends, skills, and growth.

PEOPLE. Treat people with dignity and respect and be a positive influence.

MONEY-SMART. Cabin maintenance. Study, plan, and invest (be finance/tax-wise) to facilitate your other priorities. Twice a month do money/cabin-wise reviews. Earn write-speak money to guide write-speak focus & improvement.


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