Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest, 27-31 Jan. 2021

Details: The Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest is a community-wide collaborative event to make climate change a central moral issue of the Jewish community.
For details of the festival, please go to


This Festival is just that — a Festival.

The Temple Festivals in our tradition all mark transitions in our relationship with the natural environment — the beginnings and ends of the growing seasons — which give us both physical and spiritual sustenance.

So too with this Festival. Let it mark a transition from good intentions to a real commitment to act. From talking the talk, to walking the walk.

In our tradition, the Temple Festival was an occasion for everyone to bring their own gifts, and the whole became so much greater than the sum of the parts.

So while we will have a lot of serious learning next week, let us also remember to be joyful, celebratory and festive. The task is huge — if we let it overwhelm us, we’ll avoid it and fail. We need to sustain ourselves. We each have different roles to play — as organizers, experts, entertainers and ritual leaders to nourish us, and call us to action. Every single one of us has something to contribute, to do, and to learn.

Together, we are powerful. We have over 2500 people registered for the Fest already, hundreds of presenters, and over 160 events taking place to make action on climate change a moral priority of the Jewish community. Thank you for making it possible, and phenomenal.

            — source: emails from the Fest organizers


Earth Ministry <> announcement:
“The Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest
     Earth Ministry/WAIPL is excited to be partnering with members of the Jewish community locally and across the nation for The Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest Jan 27-31. This 5-day free, virtual, and collaborative festival is by and for people who want to activate Jewish values to move the needle on climate change. This festival is re-energizing Tu BiShvat, the New Year of the Trees, and is growing from last year’s Seattle Jewish Climate Festival.”

            – source: Earth Ministry newsletter, 16 Dec. 2020.

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