Unifying Principles

Unifying Principles are the principles most important to you. Take time carefully determining them because you'll find—after years of regularly reviewing them and taking action on them— that it’s per your principles (which drive your course, planning, actions, and accomplishments) you’ve lived your life. The following are my unifying principles. It’s from them that I … Continue reading Unifying Principles

God’s Glory More

View of the Olympic Mountains from Klahane Ridge There are places where we sense God’s glory more: on mountaintops and seashores, beneath sunsets and sunrises, under a canopy of stars, in wildlife refuges brimming with God’s variety of life. It’s in these soul-eliciting places—undistracted by personal busyness and cares, and immersed in his nature—that we … Continue reading God’s Glory More

Climate Display for Earth Ministry Congregations

“The Sacred Earth Matters Group at University Congregational UCC, an Earth Ministry Greening Congregation, have a beautiful climate change display that they are offering to share with other religious communities in the greater Puget Sound area. This display has three sections that convey: The natural and human worlds that need to be saved from adverse, human-caused … Continue reading Climate Display for Earth Ministry Congregations

Close to God . . . in his nature.

            Reading the book Indian Spirit, what comes out is the reverence that many early Native Americans had for “the Great Spirit” (or “Wankan-Tanka,” or the other names by which they knew God). They frequently prayed with him, thanking him for his gifts, and they had a respect and wonder for his creation. Ohiyesa, of … Continue reading Close to God . . . in his nature.