CNN Climate Crisis Town Hall occurs on 4 Sep 2019

Democratic presidential candidates will be debating what to do about the climate crisis. [Note: I’ve not yet found a time posted for when this debate occurs—MRM.] — source: Mark Preston, “10 Democratic presidential candidates will participate in CNN climate town hall,” CNN Politics, 20 Aug 2019,

The Green New Deal. Jay Inslee: the man with the plan.

The Green New Deal is a statement that we want to buckle down and work so as to not be overwhelmed by the climate crisis. Though he’s not termed his plans as “The Green New Deal,” Jay Inslee does have detailed plans (forged in the reality of managing one of the most progressive states in … Continue reading The Green New Deal. Jay Inslee: the man with the plan.


Depressed or Hopeful? Resigned or Engaged? How should we feel and how should we act regarding the climate crisis? All these qualities are part of the climate-crisis mix, and are exemplified by the experiences of three people representing different groups: Kim Cobb, climate scientist; Greta Thunberg, climate activist, and Jay Inslee, politician and person in … Continue reading CLIMATE DEPRESSION, CLIMATE HOPE

Vote for Jay Inslee. Vote for the future.

Jay Inslee is the right choice for president.     Why? Résumé, Character, Vision.(To see Inslee's plans, go to Jay’s résumé is strong.      He’s engaged. He solves problems. Whereas many candidates talk of general approaches to climate change, he’s been working specific solutions as the governor of Washington State and as the chair of … Continue reading Vote for Jay Inslee. Vote for the future.